Âme De Boue

In Hortum


Âme de Boue “In Hortum”




For the past 10 years, Âme de boue has been exploring the most minimal and broken up aspects of the synthpop genre. After 2 LPS and few compilation appearances, the project slowly drifted away from the cold/minimal influences of its debuts. Recorded between 2018 and 2020, “In Hortum” is the result of this new direction.Mixing lush synth arrangements with lo-fi experiments, multi language versed voices  with organic sound textures, “In Hortum” is collage where one can hear ghosts of easy listening, rave or ambient music floating in the air. On the edge of pop and wave, this strange world made of animality, anguish and desire feels like a metaphorical garden of our inner selves, a magic place where the game of masks is the game of truth. Pour yourself a glass of  japanese whiskey, sit comfortably on an ikea sofa and enjoy “In Hortum” in full stereo quality.


A collaborative effort from  with Drames, Noir age and Atomic Bongos records.

13 Songs

Available on November 13th 2020

Price: 8€ (Digital download) / 15€ Vinyl (100 copies limited edition)

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