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Âme De Boue

In Hortum


Âme de Boue “In Hortum”




For the past 10 years, Âme de boue has been exploring the most minimal and broken up aspects of the synthpop genre. After 2 LPS and few compilation appearances, the project slowly drifted away from the cold/minimal influences of its debuts. Recorded between 2018 and 2020, “In Hortum” is the result of this new direction.Mixing lush synth arrangements with lo-fi experiments, multi language versed voices  with organic sound textures, “In Hortum” is collage where one can hear ghosts of easy listening, rave or ambient music floating in the air. On the edge of pop and wave, this strange world made of animality, anguish and desire feels like a metaphorical garden of our inner selves, a magic place where the game of masks is the game of truth. Pour yourself a glass of  japanese whiskey, sit comfortably on an ikea sofa and enjoy “In Hortum” in full stereo quality.


A collaborative effort from  with Drames, Noir age and Atomic Bongos records.

13 Songs

Available on November 13th 2020

Price: 8€ (Digital download) / 15€ Vinyl (100 copies limited edition)

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Instant Voodoo

Extra Dust & Magic


Instant Voodoo “Extra Dust & Magic




Instant Voodoo is a Berlin duo formed by Federica Rossella and Andrew Kemp, both active musicians in the german experimental music scene. Using old discarded electronic appliances and organs found in the street or in flea markets, they create improvisational music made of tape loops, ghost voices and unphased rythms. Recorded between 2018 and 2020, “Extra Dust & Magic” is a sound collage built on several improvised sessions. Ghost songs, old casiotone waves and irregular pulse beats create an hypnotic soundtrack that sometimes echoes the early experiments of Cluster or Chris Carter. Over the course of 13 tracks, Instant Voodoo develops an icy landscape that strangely echoes the dystopian world we live in. The record has a very strange premonition quality: its release party was the last show before the lockdown…


Travaillant principalement avec de vieilles machines analogiques trouvés aux  puces ou dans la rue, Instant Voodoo improvise une musique instrumentale faite principalement de drones,  d’extraits vocaux  et de rythmes dephasés. Extrait de différentes sessions enregistrées entre 2018 et 2020,  “Extra Dust & Magic” est un collage construit autour d’improvisations électroniques, de bandes magnétiques mises en boucle et de chansons fantômatiques. Des voix désincarnées font écho aux pulsations de vieux casiotone et plongent peu à peu l’auditeur dans une stupeur hypnotique faisant parfois songer à l’ambiant post-industrielle de Cluster/Eno ou  Chris & Cosey. Les 13 plages sonores  d’Extra Dust & Magic se développent en un paysage glacé rappelant curieusement  le monde dystopique que nous avons construit.


Non dénuée d’une forme d’humour noir (voir certains titres) la musique d’Instant Voodoo cultive un champ sans fruit, sans fleur presque sans vie (sauf les mouches autour des cadavres d’une vie passée), une sorte d’ultime mise en garde avant le chaos.“A Decouvrir Absolument



Price: 6€ (Digital Download) / 8€ (CD)

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Commando Koko

The Landscape Of Love


Commando Koko “The Landscape Of Love”


Vinyl 7″/Digital


After many freaky cassettes, Commando Koko’s new effort is a 7″ all for the love of modern funk. Boogie dancers, be ready to shine in the Landscape of Love and cry to a refreshed new jack swing B-side.

Commando Koko has many facets. Like a disco ball. He expresses his love of dance music in many different ways, always on the shady side of the beat… His live form is still very gear oriented with a collection of drum machines, analog synthesizers and cassettes in which a slight noisy approach electrifies an otherwise very groove oriented set.
The stylistic range is wide, from old school house to electro funk to ballroom extravaganza, exploring sweet Rn’b and frenetic grime. No limit but the beat. Originally known as Der Kommissar for his illustration and poster artwork, he was also a bassist in the acid rock trio NED.
His new effort is a 7″ released by S.K records and Atomic Bongos all for the love of modern funk.
Tristan started making music in the mid 90s and was at first strongly attracted like all of us to the vast and iconoclast world of punk rock. As diverse as it was back then and particularly  more


Price: 2€ (Digital Download) / 7€ ( Vinyl 7″ 300 copies ltd edition)

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The Soft Rider

The Pool


The Soft Rider  “The Pool”




Inspired by both JG Ballard’s “Atrocity Exhibition” and California’s psychedelic luminescence, this first EP from The Soft Rider revisits synth-pop and electronic/industrial music through the prism of Los Angeles as fascinating as it is chilling. The freeways lined with palm trees and the reflections of a radiating sun respond to a pulsation set at 128BPM, pink-candy melodies and the distant echo of waves, metal and concrete. Somewhere between Giorgio Moroder and Throbbing Grisles, The Soft Rider dystopian disco describes a world where silicon dreams, ice cream parlours and eternal sunshine melt with hi-tech surveillance and survival strategies. Recorded between Brussels and Los Angeles, the record features vocals by K. Hoffstedt and A. Edelman and comes as  12″ EP edition and digital download.  A super limited  edition ( only 50 copies)  Vinyl+ handscreenprinted beach bag is also available.


“A mix of sunkissed surfing vibes, italo-disco, and synthetic dreams enrobed in powerful acid.” The 405 magazine


Price: 6€ (Digital Download) / 11€ ( Vinyl 250 copies ltd edition)


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The Soft Rider

The Beach


The Soft Rider “The Beach”

Somewhere between Giorgio Moroder and Throbbing Grisles, The Soft Rider dystopian disco describes a world  where silicon dreams, ice cream parlours and eternal sunshine  melt with hi-tech surveillance and survival strategies.


Price: 2.00€  (Digital Download)



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Laurence Wasser



Laurence Wasser “V”


Stomping bass lines and primitive drum beats are held together by a throaty, uncontrollable voice that mumbles and bellows over spurts of guitar twangs. The frantic energy of tracks like “Ah!” and “Swinging Man” is counter-balanced by moody interludes that give structure to the album. Influenced by Laurence’s youth in France and the rainy skies of Paris, these detuned “yeye” sketches take a walk through the grey territories of social alienation, suburban numbness, and bourgeois narcissism. A desperate ode to the pent-up energy of the people and the potential in our collective anger, Wasser’s 11 new unstable ballads, though vastly different than the primitive disco-trash of his earlier recordings, retain the same addictive, spastic energy, adding a gloomier mood for darker days.

Mêlant voix désarticulée, rythmes primitifs et guitares yéyés désaccordées, “V” oscille entre garage psychotique ( “Ah!”,”Swinging Man”) et instrumentaux taciturnes (“Faux amis”, “Island impossible”). Enregistré entre San Francisco et Berlin, le disque se veut une ballade  de 11 titres sous le ciel gris de la Vème république, celle des maisons Bouygues, des trains Ouigo et de la colère qui gronde.


Price:  7€ (Digital Download) / 7€ (Tape+Poster, ltd edition-SOLD OUT),  12€ ( Vinyl 250 copies ltd edition)


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