Radio Bongos #6

DJ C Margarine's Mixtape


Endless Summer! This Month we’re very pleased to bring you DJ C Margarine’s mixtape about… FOOD!!!!
Based in Berlin, she runs the collage magazine Glueheads and does workshops too.
Check it out here:


But better let the Lady talk to you in person: “For everyone here on Earth, I’m Anelor Robin, born in the south of France in the middle of pine forests and ‘foie gras’. But to tell you the truth my real name is Margarine and I’m from the planet Pluton, born from the uterus of a motherEgg, raised by weird creatures and my best friend was a GlueHead. In terms of my work, I will say that collage is my best recipe. I find inspiration in normal daily life, with a special tendency and tenderness for food, sponges, 70’s magazine, Roman Photo, and plastic ice cream spoons that I like to collect to give a new and different twist to life.