Radio Bongo #1

Suzy's mixtape

Suzy is one of the co-founder of Atomic Bongos. She used to be a DJ at KDVS in Sacramento and is currently playing Saxophone is Two Apes.
From Suzy: Some of these songs I’ve been listening to for a decade, others I only discovered recently. When I hear something that makes my knees weak I’ll save it right away on a playlist. This mix features the songs on that playlist I’ve recently been listening to the most. It’s a bit all over the place, starting with Belgian Soul and truly powerful drumming by Zambian Psych Rock great Musi O Tunya. Nora Dean’s Ay Ay Ay follows and her enchanting voice and tropical bird sounds transition us to some beach time Surf tunes that I love. There’s a song by minstrel show performer and falsetto master Emmett Miller, and some lovely old timey country songs that warm the soul. The mix ends with some charming Australian post punk and some cold electronic sounds to guide us into the future.